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Things have been a little quiet on this blog over the past month – too quiet.  It’s not intentional, and I wanted to explain. 

Some of you may have seen an announcement today that I have Joined B2B marketing automation/demand generation firm Silverpop.  Not only have I started in a new role, but I also have moved from Madison, WI, to Atlanta, GA – a busy/chaotic last few weeks for me and for my wife.  I posted the “Marketing Measurement and ROI” piece right before the move, but I’ve been hard-pressed to do any substantial posts since then.

Fear not, though … more new Propelling Brands content is on the way.


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Today’s post is a bit different from the usual.  We won’t be diving into a key topic at the intersection of brands, marketing, innovation and technology, nor will we be presenting a Q&A with a forward thinker in the space; instead, I am asking for your help with a project.


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I am in the process of writing a book – tentatively titled Connected Marketing – that is for marketers, that covers the topic of marketing technology and that is meant to help marketers deploy and use technology in a substantially-different way than they do today.

This book has evolved from a convergence of 1.) my interests and blogging about this space, 2.) my past experiences as a marketing leader and consultant in the technology industry, 3.) my ongoing discussions and interactions with leaders in the marketing technology space and 4.) research I’m conducting as part of my current graduate program, which I will conclude in May 2009.

So what are the details, and how can you be a part of helping marketers to better leverage technology and, thus, to take the ‘connectedness’ of their marketing organizations to the next level?


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We are officially launching this blog, and as is customary in the blog-o-sphere, we thought we would take a few minutes to give readers a sense of the blog’s focus, differentiation, contributors and agenda.


What is the focus of this blog?

This blog is focused on the topics of brands, marketing, innovation and technology – separately and together, in parallel and as they collide … and one of the firm beliefs of the folks behind this blog is that they ARE colliding.  This is requiring brand and marketing leaders to retool, but it also means that those developing new innovation and technology – especially software companies – need to retool.  A revolution is coming!


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