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The challenge of any marketing strategy is that as marketing leaders we always face the great ‘leap of faith‘ that you can’t get over.  We try to design marketing programs that coincide with right place, right time and right target audience.  And we have binders full of statistical, demographic and ethnographic insights that we use to justify this triangulation.  But it all remains a guess.

Further, our target customers don’t choose to participate in a given media or social-networking channel saying, “I hope my favorite brand will market to me there!”  They choose these channels out of their own personal and professional interests and needs. 

Finally, their choice of channel constantly changes over time.

Thus the underlying issue is that our brand communities are mobile – not just in the phone sense but in the holistic sense.  And it’s our challenge and opportunity as marketing leaders to figure out how to keep up with them.  Yet many of our legacy approaches, processes and platforms do not enable this; instead, they focus more on the medium, rather than the brand community relevance.

What can we do to help solve the ‘mobility’ problem and better center our marketing on brand communities?


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We are officially launching this blog, and as is customary in the blog-o-sphere, we thought we would take a few minutes to give readers a sense of the blog’s focus, differentiation, contributors and agenda.


What is the focus of this blog?

This blog is focused on the topics of brands, marketing, innovation and technology – separately and together, in parallel and as they collide … and one of the firm beliefs of the folks behind this blog is that they ARE colliding.  This is requiring brand and marketing leaders to retool, but it also means that those developing new innovation and technology – especially software companies – need to retool.  A revolution is coming!


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